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Dubai Land: would the pharaons have dared?

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Dubai Land' is a huge entertainment and leisure complex, in terms of investment, size and attractions. More ambitious than any entertainment destination in the world, it intends to become one of the most visited places in Middle East and worldwide. The objective is clear, become a new leisure place in the world and attract over 15 million people per year while ensuring a quality experience for everyone, no matter the age, nationalities or activities they like. Confronted by the selling out of its oil wealth, Dubai needs to diversify its economy. Indeed, its oil reserves will dramatically lessen and finding a way to expand itself is the new stage for Dubai to face. Moreover, shareholders expect 15 % return on their 70 billion investments.

[...] Moreover these people have to be senior for 2 reasons: first they can be more experienced and secondly they will impose more respect, which can be beneficial to the Dubai land project. Operation When Dubai land will open, all attractions will not be ready because project's end is planned around 20015 2018. Some buildings and attractions will still be under construction so it is important to find a way not to disturb the visitors during works. A solution could be install large signs that enables to hide the work but also to inform visitors about what is under construction and when does it open. [...]

[...] The only way to guarantee a same service quality is to have a same and unique guideline. A team should be created with employees coning from different entities in order to ensure common regulation and running. This team will manage central data management by creating a unique card that enables customer to access park, hotel and for example purchase. Moreover, the size of the project allow all partners, if they work together to be heavy in purchasing negotiations. They need to centralize their purchasing function, in order to reduce their costs. [...]

[...] In February 2007, most of the master planning was complete, so they just have to lunch them. M. Perdier has to focus on five main aspects: Construction United Arab Emirates' Government promised infrastructure for the project and this has also been promised to investors. Thereof without the project is not feasible for the simple reason that the project will be built outside the city in the desert and no access road or electricity is at present. Moreover Dubai land project fits in Dubai' vision. [...]

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