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Eight conditions to become a good manager/coach

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  1. Introduction
  2. The identity of the four giant DE BEERS
  3. The diamond pipeline
  4. The different diamond industries
    1. The gross diamond industry
    2. The jewelry industry
  5. The life cycle
  6. Competitive forces
  7. Developments and various strategic scenarios
    1. Possible developments in the diamond market
    2. The future of the rough diamond market
    3. The future of the jewelry market
    4. Diamond mining industry
    5. Possible strategies for De Beers
  8. Conclusion

Although workplaces and management styles have changed dramatically in recent decades, the old attitudes of command and control management are still dominant in many companies. This management approach means that managers must tell employees exactly what to do, when to do and how to do the tasks. The manager is supposed to have all the answers and solve all problems.

It is therefore not surprising that many people find this approach demotivating, and productivity associated with this management style is considered unsatisfactory. Nobody likes being told exactly what to do. When people have no opportunity to express themselves and contribute outside of their job duties, they alienate and disengage.

This approach based on command and control and must be completely rejected in favor of an approach based on collaboration and commitment. A more positive approach to managerial coaching will bring a constructive change, provided the coaching lays down explicitly the new expectations of managers.

The coaching profession has exploded in recent years and diversified into many fields and industries. All these people are dedicated to helping others achieve their goals, to improve certain aspects of their life or their business or advance their careers.

Tags: Management Style, Manager-Coach, Positive Workplace Dynamics

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