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Enterprises facing globalization

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  1. External Analysis
    1. Environmental Analysis
    2. Market Segmentation
    3. Overview of competitors
    4. The sectoral analysis
    5. Decathlon Customer
    6. Catchment area
    7. Synthesis of external analysis
  2. Internal Analysis
    1. The questionnaire
    2. Analysis of strengths
    3. Analysis of weaknesses
  3. Strategic recommendations
    1. Issues and Risks
    2. Problematics
    3. Marketing objectives
    4. Target communication
    5. Communication message
    6. Means of communication
  4. Measure of the Outcome

The globalization of economies is at the heart of many economic and social debates. The rapidly changing political environment, economic and social development, increased trade in goods, services, and information currently concern all developed countries. This movement is not without any impact on the company and generates the global convergence of professional conduct and management of the company.

It is necessarily a global business strategy. The concept of globalization not only refers to the enlargement of markets and competitors but also globalization of English term reflecting a unique phase of the process of internationalization of companies and products where the material form of economic activity is subject to the abstract logic exchange of the capital and information.

Globalization of capital markets also face: that of professional investors who manage the portfolios of pension funds, insurance or savings. The importance of this phenomenon on the strategies and business organization must be raised. Deciding a strategy is to make a choice on the portfolio of activities and address issues of resource allocation between different areas and organizing the establishment of the process that guides the groups and their structuring activities.

How these phenomena affect the globalization strategies and the organization of businesses? Are the financial strategies likely to reduce the autonomy of the decisions of the leaders? Structuring and coordinating groups have changed her nature? Globalization requires changes not only on financial policies and competitive strategies but also on the structures and systems of management companies (problematic).

We will discuss at first the diversity of the phenomenon of globalization on development and control of business by highlighting the new financial constraints and the new competitive rules. Then we will see the types of organization and management systems that will come up as a result.

Financial strategies reflect the fact that the mode of movement of capital in financial markets is seamless to the effect of giving priority to financial factors. Refocusing on the main market to reach critical mass, buying market share, the option of external growth are systematically privileged at the expense of endogenous growth of the organization. Strategies for equity, mergers and acquisitions dominate the industrial strategies.

In a context of re-legitimization of the interests of shareholders, investors will give precedence to the logic of portfolio management: they expect that each firm maximizes its profitability and it simultaneously reduces the economic risk by conquering a strong position in its markets.

The liberation of international capital flows and the homogenization of financial markets have facilitated the rise of investment funds, portfolio funds or pension funds. Although it is difficult to prove empirically that their presence alters the behavior of leaders, it is legitimate to assume their influence under the weight held by these funds in the capital of undertakings.

Tags: enterprises facing globalization, globalization of economies, globalization of capital markets

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