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Entrepreneurship: Case studies

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  1. Introduction
  2. Case of PatientsLikeMe
  3. Case of ScriptPad
  4. Case of Zipcar
  5. Case of A Start-up Fable
  6. Big Apple Circus
  7. Individual interview report
  8. Conclusion

Patients like me practices execution excellence in a number of ways. First, there is the comprehensive experience profile of the staff for instance in terms of the knowledge in different areas such as sales, marketing, product development etc. Secondly, there is also the leadership as well as the proper management of the workforce (Barringer and Ireland 33). Finally, there is the risk management skills for instance the anticipation of the market forces, the changes in the customer needs etc.

The first myth that us debunked is the mistaken belief that the entrepreneurs are born and are not make. It is important to note that entrepreneurs are a function of the personal choices of the individuals, the life experiences that they have and the function of the environment. However, there are certain characteristics of entrepreneur's for instance lengthy attention span, persuasiveness, self-starter, visionary etc. The other myth that has been debunked is that entrepreneurs are gamblers (Barringer and Ireland 31). The myth is not true as entrepreneurs are moderate risk takers as opposed to gamblers who take massive risks on their investments. The final myth that is debunked is the view that the entrepreneurs should be energetic and young. Even though strength is needed, it's not the physical strength but rather the strength in terms of the track record for success, the reputation, maturity and the experience.

[...] Case of Zipcar 1. Explain Zipcar's business model in each of the four components: Core strategy; of the firm includes the low cost operations and the high quality information technology. Strategic resources; of Zipcar are the financial capability of the firm, the able management competence and the innovativeness. Partnership network; is wide to ensure a wide base for the customers and to ensure the smooth operations of the firm (Barringer and Ireland 206). Customer interface; high quality customer interface to ensure the reliability of the services that are offered to the different individuals that are renting the cars Do you think Zipcar is growing too rapidly? [...]

[...] The advantages of the Partnership include the low startup costs, the greater borrowing capacity, and the ease of the change of the legal structure when circumstances change. The challenges that Sara and Jack will be faced with include the unlimited liability of the debts in the partnership. Secondly, there is the friction and the disagreement between the partners in the organization, the problems in the valuation of the assets is partners join or leave. Big Apple Circus 1. Who is the target market of Big Apple Circus? A one ring circus that carters for the general audience as there are three major stages going on. [...]

[...] This offered the drive. Apart from that there was also the desire to be his own boss. He had quit three previous jobs as he could not get along with the style of the management of the bosses. Finally, the individual chose to start his own business due to the financial rewards that would be reaped. The Dressler brothers, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and a host of others have become billionaires due to their entrepreneurial spirits What make their business successful? [...]

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