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  1. Company background
  2. Political risk assessment
    1. Level of stability
    2. Attitude towards foreign firms
    3. Risk indicators and actual tendencies
  3. Cultural profile
    1. High context culture
    2. Language
    3. Religion
    4. Implications for the company
  4. Strategic plan
  5. Manual for managers
    1. Do's and Don'ts
    2. Working in India
    3. Doing business in India

Since its creation, Samudra Motors, a well-established sports car company has become predominant on its operating market. Now, it seems that it has reached a saturation point in the domestic market, and in order to grow as a company, it must look at overseas markets to further their growth. With going abroad being the only solution to solve the current problem, the next question is as to where should the company go. Samudra is a big company, with 2,500 employees and realizes annual sales of approximately US$ 24 billion. Meanwhile, as growth has reached its climax in both the European and US markets, going abroad to find other opportunities, and also meet new demands and reach new assets, is the path to follow in order to stay competitive in this broad industry. In this final paper, the country chosen to be investigated is India. We will analyze different environments (political, legal, technological, cultural) in order to estimate the realization or not of such a market penetration.

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