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Intercultural management : role play

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  1. The use of role play
  2. Script from the Bad Version
  3. Commentaries on the wrong part
    1. Behaviour of Prof. Dr. Nakamura
    2. Punctuality
    3. Mr Henry's absence
    4. Greetings and business card ritual
    5. Objectivity/Subjectivity
    6. Warming up phase
    7. Seats
    8. Drinks
    9. Gifts
    10. Hierarchy
    11. Flexibility
    12. Dinner
  4. Script from the Good Part
  5. Commentaries on the good part

Role-playing, like any good inquiry approach, transforms the content of education from information into experience. It gives life and immediacy to academically descriptive material. The learning process here is not comfortable, safe, and passive, it is dynamic, challenging, and active. Students are encouraged to engage with their studies. They are encouraged to become independent learners. They are shown that learning is an interactive process that can be both fun as well as academically rewarding. In that way students motivated. The creative aspect of the exercise will make it seem more like play than like work. The Russian, Japanese and French delegation are meeting for the first time to speak about the quarterly results of the French subsidiaries in Russia and Japan.

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