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Knowledge management and decision making: Uber case study

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  1. Uber criteria
    1. Education
    2. Experience
    3. Communication
  2. MCDM methods
    1. TOPSIS
    2. AHP
    3. SAW
  3. Implementation to MCDM method

Decision-making is an intellectual process taking the assessment to a collection of a course of activities among dissimilarities. Making decision creates a last choice; therefore, in terms of recruitment and personnel selection the outcome is the successful applicant (Timar and Balas, 2007). Moreover, decision-making is a cognitive procedure, which maybe rational or unreasonable based on the knowledge kind. In today's business, organisations require many resources to produce goods and services in order to gain competitive advantages. Therefore, human capital in a firm represent the power and strategy of how these resources impose the development in the management (Karabasevic et al, 2015). Recruitment and personnel selection are a crucial part of employment and human resources. Moreover, they play tremendously very significant task in the organisation.

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