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Market study - Sales management and negotiation techniques: La Biosthétique

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  1. Executive summary
    1. Company profile
    2. Target consumer profile: NEEDS and WANTS
    3. Mission statement
    4. Market analysis: global
    5. Strategic options
    6. Sales strategy
  2. Case study questions

La Biosthétique was founded by French scientist Marcel Contier in 1947. The company has its roots and the headquarter in Paris, while the research and the production are conducted in Pforzheim. Ever since it was founded, La Biosthétique has been run by the owners. After the death of Contier, Siegfried Wiser took over the company, which now he runs with his two sons Jean-Marc and Felix Wiser.

[...] Please describe the Sales Setting in detail. Due to the fierce competition in the beauty market, it is highly important for La Biosthétique to be able to get the initiators and the influencer's attention before the other companies. Currently, the business is mainly focusing on products for women, and since there are other emerging markets, having some products addressed to certain small markets can bring more customers, however these markets have to present some similarities, for example economic status & age(20-40years), environmental interests, amongst others. [...]

[...] Ever since it was founded, La Biosthétique has been run by the owners. After the death of Contier, Siegfried Wiser took over the company, which now he runs with his two sons Jean-Marc and Felix Wiser. La Biosthétique offers several types of products including products for hair care, styling, skin care and make-up. They are exclusively available in their partner hair salons, which are company's ?most important ambassadors of Culture Of Total Beauty?. None of the products is tested on the animals and most of them are fully vegan. [...]

[...] The kit contains indicators, which measure pH and sebum levels as well as detecting dandruff. The results enable the consumer to choose the appropriate hair care treatment.? (Cosmectics Business, 2009) But that's not all, the company seeks to attract consumers worried about industrial cosmetic products and trying to avoid the use of certain ingredients such as SLS or parabens. Therefore, they have extended their product range: Biosthétique extended its Natural Cosmetic range to include a ten-sku Ecocert certified natural hair care and styling line. [...]

[...] These salons are the only place where the company's products can be tried before buying it, which means that salons exist to help customers of the brand to find the products that are made for them to ?reveal an individual's true beauty?. Then the strategy of the company is based on its high-quality products used by professionals of the beauty. They are keen to deliver personalized total beauty experience? to their customers in order to convince them to command and buy the company's products. These ones are available online and can be easily ordered through an account on their website. [...]

[...] search for beauty begins with an idea, or rather it begins with an attitude: Good is beautiful. Right is beautiful. Happy is beautiful. True beauty is more than the eye can see. It is in everything and everything is connected to (La Biosthétique, 2017) Market Analysis: Global La Biosthétique Paris has its roots based in the French capital. However, they have expanded their knowledge and know-how to Germany, Italy, Liechtensein, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada, Austria and the New Zealand & Australian territory. [...]

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