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Reebok : in pursuit of generation X

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  1. Micky Pant can be credited with introducing a novel and innovative tool into Reebok's advertising strategy
  2. Evaluate the Terry Tate commercials
  3. Some of the traditional indicators of advertising effectiveness mentioned above
  4. Is this type of communication capable of capturing the attention of Generation X consumers?

Micky Pant has done a great job for Reebok, by organizing researches, analyzing data and understanding the mind of Gen Xers. He has produced a relevant marketing strategy, in accordance with these observations. This marketing strategy fitted the target of Reebok, as well as the actual and future trends and the evolution of technology. Reebok should be truly thankful for that. Also, with the Terry Tate commercial Micky, has struck a decisive blow by producing a tremendous buzz around the ad of the Office Linerback. He offers a large visibility to Rebook, a cool image, and a number of new prospects.

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