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Relationships in a multicultural company in the Middle East

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  1. History of Dubai and United Arab Emirates
  2. Specificities
  3. Religious and political factors
  4. Figures
  5. The business and specificities
    1. Presentation of the company and its business
    2. Structure and organization of the company
    3. Sociologic factors in the company
    4. Daily specificities

Dubai, the city of all superlatives, is the specific place where is based, the business that we are analyzing through a classic problem closely linked to the multiculturalism of the company. This territory reveals few important characteristics; indeed, it's one of the city symbols of luxury and tourism. But this city doesn't offer the possibility to accommodate people in cheap rooms. The company solves this problem and meets with success. Thus, this little company is composed with a small team which includes the manager (French), one associate (European) and various employees (Filipino, Indian and Iranian). Employees are from various different cultures and origin, Indians, Asians, Arabic and Europeans. All speak English which is the 'official language' of the company. Then, the company is going to increase its size and capacity of reception, with new rooms and services. However, the management of these multicultural specificities wasn't well lead; and brought about various problems of efficiency, synergies and productivity. So, it is essential to react quickly in order to avoid bad consequences.

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