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Strategic management: Celerita Inc. case study

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  1. Introduction
  2. Is Celeritas an effective company? What problem(s) do you see at Celeritas?
  3. How should the company deal with the crowded market with complete competencies?
  4. How effective was the team-building effort at Celeritas? Use a SWOT analysis to prove your point of view?
  5. Does the team-building meeting make progress toward solving Celeritas's problem? What is missing? Is the team-building approach the right strategy? Is there an alternative? What are some barriers to strategic implementation?
  6. Who/what is the problem with top management?
  7. Do you see any organizational (vs. people) issues contributing to the problem?
  8. How effective was Carla Reese?
  9. How would you describe the VP's meeting? What went wrong?
  10. What should Boyer do now?
  11. Conclusion

Celerita is a leading firm in the enterprise network optimization industry, offering solutions for businesses to accelerate and enhance the existing computer network. Celerita has always been in the top 6 leaders on the market, but its position become more and more uncertain. In fact, because of bad strategic management, the company is facing now a slow in its growth, and the management team is threatened about the future. Thus, Philippe Boyer, CEO of the company has decided to hire an external consultant, Carla Reese, in order to create a team building and to solve Celeritas problems.

Even if the annual growth revenue has declined since 2008 (from 50% to 17%), Celeritas remains the top player of the network optimization industry. During this time, its competitors have seen a better growth and have launch before Celeritas the new cloud computing technologies. Celeritas is still an effective company but it's necessary for the company to address internal problems first.

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