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Strategic management of EDF - Electricité de France (in 2010)

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  1. EDF's presentation
    1. Presentation of the group
    2. EDF's environment
    3. Five forces of Porter
  2. EDF's management
    1. EDF's strategy
    2. EDF's structure
    3. EDF's decision
    4. EDF's identity
    5. EDF's management style
  3. Financial analysis and recommendations
    1. Ratios analysis
    2. Recommendations

From production to distribution, Electricite de France (EDF) is one of the world's largest producers of electricity. Its story has naturally propelled the company as a leader on the French market through a monopoly related to nationalization. Indeed, the law of April 8, 1946 regarding the nationalization of electricity and gas created by Electricité de France gave it the status of a ?Etablissement Public à caractère Industriel et Commercial? or a ?Public establishment with industrial and commercial character ?(EPIC). Based on external growth, the purchase or acquisition of shares in European companies, Electricite de France has become a leading power on the European market. This status gives it the mission of managing a public service activity, concerning the efficiency and control of sensitive sectors.
Since its inception, the group has been a resounding success, in fact, at the end of the WW2, Electricite de France benefited from the post-war reconstruction to establish itself in about 90% of French households and thus provide access to electricity powerful enough to operate the small appliances.
In November 2004, EDF sunk into a debt of €40 billion including its pension commitments, financial commitments in Italy and Germany as well as the dismantling of nuclear power stations. The company lost its monopoly; with an Initial Public Offering, EDF was freed from its principle of specialization that gave it the status of a public company, it could thereby develop its commercial activities in relation to its competitors.
With the market opening on July 1, 2007, one might have feared a loss of its leading position on the French market, however, EDF had been able to sustain its position through a strategy of influence and has a fiscal policy based on an investment program of 40 billion Euros. Electricite de France was successfully managed to remain the market leader

[...] EDF's Identity History of EDF logos Old EDF logo Current EDF logo EDF's mascot is Zeltron Slogans ?Nous vous devons plus que la lumière' or owe you more than light' ?Donner au monde l'énergie d'être meilleur' or Give the world the energy to be better ?Quand votre monde s'éclaire' or ?When your world lights itself' 2004 : ?L'avenir est un choix de tous les jours' ?Future is a daily choice' 2009 : ?Changer l'énergie ensemble' or Changing energy together Respect for People EDF positions the concept of respect for the individual at the heart of its ethics. [...]

[...] According to Koening, organizational learning is the ?phénomène collectif d'acquisition et d'élaboration de compétences qui, plus ou moins profondément, plus ou moins durablement, modifie la gestion des situations et les situations elles-mêmes' or ?collective phenomenon of acquisition and elaboration of competences, that, more or less deeply, change management situations and situations themselves.' EDF's environment has changed dramatically in recent years with the opening of the European market in 2007. These events challenge the monopoly of EDF in France, now faced with competition. [...]

[...] EDF : La consommation française d'électricité a continué d'augmenter en 2008 - La Vie Financière EDF : le bénéfice 2008 sera inférieur à celui de 2007 - EDF : renforce son programme de construction de nouvelles centrales thermiques à flamme en France - EDF Energies Nouvelles met en service un parc éolien de 30 MW en Grèce EDF et RTE : un appel au civisme ou un aveu de faiblesse EDF mis en demeure pour risque d'explosion d'une centrale nucléaire EDF se dote d'un nouveau logo, Economie - EDF une privatisation annoncée qui masque une spoliation à venir de la collectivité nationale - Attac France EDF, le service avant tout - Marque - Cas d'école - edf-poursuit-le-renforcement-de-ses-capacites-de-production-dyelectricite- en-france-601017.html EDFprysentationduGroupe.html EDF-Service-public.html Électricité de France - Wikipédia Entretien avec EDF.pdf (Objet application/pdf) GetAttachment.aspx Groupe EDF L'essentiel 2004 Guide_ecolo_EDF.pdf (Objet application/pdf) LA LOI DU 8 AVRIL 1946 SUR LA NATIONALISATION DE L'ELECTRICITE ET DU GAZ, une oeuvre de EDF, proposée par Chapitre le dialogue avec les parties prenantes Le Figaro - Flash actu : EDF investit 225M? dans l'hydraulique Le Figaro - Flash actu : EPR: EDF accusé d'avoir ''menti'' LES LABORATOIRES DE TOUTES LES CENTRALES NUCLÉAIRES EDF ONT PERDU LEURS AGRÉMENTS [...]

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