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Strategic management: Robin Hood case study

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  1. Problem statement
  2. Key decision criteria
  3. Alternative analysis
  4. Recommendations about the action plan

Robin Hood and the Merrymen are facing the problem of not having enough supply of resources to meet the demands of their expanding organization. Their current strategy is to rob from the rich and give to the poor. They are looking at revising this strategy in order to find another way to get their resources. The new possible strategies include - Taxing the farmers, Acquisition and Killing the Sheriff, try and get the Sheriff removed from office, merger with the Barrons to release King Richard, expand the operations to geographical areas or communicate with Prince John to find a ethical solution for the people of Sheerwood forest. The following report analyzes each of the possible strategies and makes recommendations based on the positive and negative aspects of each of the possible alternatives.

[...] Communication with Prince John on how to run the village Better communication between Prince John, the Sheriff, and Robin Hood may help to improve relations in the village and to ethically share the wealth among the rich and the poor and to improve operations in the whole village. Recommendations VIII) What action plan would you recommend to Robin? Attract new members, and expand geographically to the most relevant areas of Sherwood Forest. Organize the band more effectively, attributing a manager to each area of Sherwood where the Merrymen are going to operate. [...]

[...] What about expanding the band's operations to geographical areas to north, south, east and west of Sheerwood Forest as a way of regenerating? Pros A short term method of solving the problem of lack of cash flows would be to expand to other areas of the forest. This would generate the cash that is needed to feed the people of the band. The organization has grown very large so there are more people resources available to cover a larger area of the forest. [...]

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