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Strategic management: Yahoo!

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  1. The Yahoo company
    1. History
    2. Environment
  2. Implementation of strategy
    1. Program
    2. Budget
    3. Procedure
    4. Evaluation and control

Yahoo! was founded in 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yan who were students of the Stanford University. Being fanatics over new technologies, they created an internet website which became a portal, which allowed searches on the internet, and which also could help in businesses. The front page of the Yahoo! website provides a lot of services which creates an attraction to the users, and has been 'one of the leading search engines on the World Wide Web'. Yahoo was located basically in California (1995) which is still its headquarter, but currently the company owns offices in all the continents. It entered the stock exchange (NASDAQ) in 1996 with a quotation price of $13 and only with 49 employees. Yahoo! is one of the most visited websites with approximately 500 million visitors a month. To extend worldwide, Yahoo! entered into a joint venture with Softbank, they created Yahoo! Japan, Germany, France, UK and Korea, and to diversify, they signed a joint venture with Visa in order to create an information service for the purchase of consumer products and services over the internet, and with Seven, they penetrated Australia and New Zealand by adding television and magazine as new contents to the previous Yahoo! website.

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