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Stress management at Electronic Arts, a video game company

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According to a study conducted by the Ministry of Labour on employees and on their working conditions in 2005, 48% of employees claimed that they worked under pressure all the time.

Work stress and pressure has been on the rise lately due to globalization. This holds true to almost all jobs in all the sectors. This stress and pressure has negative consequences on the employees' health.

Stress had been named as the 'disease of the century' by the United Nations in 1992, but there are many nations like France that do not consider stress to be an occupational disease.

The employers periodically try to run various workshops on 'stress management'. Through this, they try to justify the process of pressurising the employees. They claim that they are into crisis management where they are the ones giving rise to the crisis. The employer's desire to catch the globalization wave is one of the factors behind work stress and pressure.

This study is a thesis composed of three parts on 'stress management' at Electronic Arts, the video game company. The first part contains the theoretical analysis of the concepts of stress and stress-management in general. The second part focuses on the managerial behavior in the firm. The third and the last part is a combination of both materials. It is indeed a critical analysis of the firm Electronic Arts and its management.

Etymologically, the term "stress" is borrowed from the language meaning pressure, overwork. The French precise definition of stress is difficult to implement because it is a concept understood by many disciplines, biology, psychology and sociology. Biologically, stress is an assault on any individual and the response to it. Stress presupposes an interaction between the individual and his environment.

All individuals are exposed to stress, whatever their age or sex of the subject.
Manifestations of stress have consequences biological, psychological and behavioral on the individual. These consequences are manifested in varying degrees in different individuals.

In terms of interpersonal relationships, stress changes the behavior of the individual and leads him to tiredness (insomnia), increased irritability, nervousness, aggressiveness and anger. Stress also affects the psyche of the person by accentuating a sense of worthlessness (depression, memory disorders) and anxiety.

Finally and above all, stress has adverse health effects attributed to excess adrenaline and cortisol produced by the body in such a situation. Thus stress accelerates aging and increases cell disorders such as cardiovascular disorders.
Inspired by writers such as Dewey, Toynbee, or Low and Cohen McGrath management by stress is based on the premise that the perception of a stressful situation is a powerful stimulant and always leads to extra motivation to improve performance.

Stress can also be experienced as a challenge that the individual is expected to overcome. Conversely a lack of stress tends to lead to decreased levels of motivation resulting in a decrease in performance.

Motivation is therefore seen as "one of the many factors involved in the interaction with stress and determining the performance. Stress is therefore considered as a method of management and organization of a worker.

Tags: Stress, management of stress, stress as a motivation factor

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