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The patronage and sponsorship programs implemented by the Auchan group

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  1. Background
  2. A target of young women
    1. A predominantly female target
    2. A brand, a symbol of youth
  3. International brand
  4. The organization
  5. A simple concept
    1. With a range of important products worldwide
    2. And who knew how to win against stiff competition
    3. The conquest of the country
  6. The location of 20 stores
  7. Communication and Marketing
    1. Communication and highly developed marketing methods
    2. Participation in various events to convey the image of the brand
  8. Collaborations with world-famous designers and celebrities
  9. Conclusion

In an increasingly competitive era, it is important for every business to promote itself. Various means are at its disposal, ranging from advertising to direct marketing. But a new medium grows more and more from sponsorship and patronage.

Taking the example of Auchan, it is well known to the general public through its actions, but less known by its policy of sponsoring and patronage. In a highly competitive industry, where differentiation with the competitors is a real problem, sponsorship helps to bring the values of the company beyond the place of consumption and away from the traditional communication channels.

Like its competitors, Auchan has chosen to implement sponsorship activities in various fields. Auchan moves from its distribution business, at the crossroads of issues essential to the future of the society: purchasing power, employment, professional integration of the young people, environmental protection, good food, etc.

In response to such issues, Auchan is committed to its customers, partners and employees, but more broadly to the people who live near the 120 stores. Given these stakes, Auchan wants to play its full role as a responsible company. Auchan France has made a strong commitment and consistent in implementing a policy of patronage.

Auchan has chosen to focus on philanthropy sponsorship and several reasons were given by Auchan for a policy of national sponsoring.
The reputation of the brand is already very high. Sponsorship, including the ability to optimize the presence in the spirit of a brand has not appeared to be very appropriate in this context.

A national resonance does not allow it closer to the consumer,as the majority of its consumers are customers. However, sports sponsorship (the impact) mainly affects men, traditionally more susceptible to sports than women.

Sponsorship is relatively an expensive policy as the event has to be funded, as well as the team etc. Sitting on a smaller number of stores and therefore on a turnover less than the competition (including Carrefour), the communication budget is more limited. Choices were therefore imposed on the company.

Indeed, while patronage is governed by specific national actions, sponsorship is left to the discretion of each store, depending on local affinities.
Thus, actions are already underway at the local level to have a close relationship with clients. They find their meaning in the integration of the store in the local social economic fabric. They also have close contacts with local authorities, which are useful in the expansion of the store, for example.

The Auchan foundation has been created to strengthen the commitment to youth and pride in employees at the sign. It became necessary to strengthen the social bond between the stores and local communities.

Constantly evolving in order to be closer to the needs, the Auchan Foundation for Youth said its areas of intervention to respond were even better due to the major issues affecting youth today. Also, to inform young people, such as children, Auchan launched a program of concrete actions "to eat well to live better."
The desire of this program is to promote universal access to good nutrition.

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