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The Apple corporate culture

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  1. Hedgar Schein - ''Organizational culture and Leadership''
    1. Surface manifestations
    2. Values and philosophic precepts
    3. Basic assumptions
  2. Gerry Johnson
    1. A fascination for the future
    2. A mechanistic structure
    3. The symbol of the firm
  3. Chandy, Prabhu and Tellis - Theories on radical innovation
  4. McKinsey - ''The 7S''

Apple Computer Inc. is an American multinational corporation founded on the first of August, 1976. Strong because of its 35000 employees, the firm dropped the word 'Computer' in 2007. Created by Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, Apple is currently a significant success. Nowadays, in the globalization context, a company must take into account the importance of culture in it's daily tasks. Indeed, to be competitive in the market, the firm must develop a synergy between its staff and stakeholders. To improve these relationships, lots of researchers wrote theories about organizational culture. For example, this is the case of Schein, the author of 'Organizational culture and Leadership'. In this essay, by using some of his theories we will learn more about the corporate culture of the American multinational corporation Apple Inc. This essay first deals with surface manifestations. Next, it will demonstrate some important values of the company. After going through some theories of Jonhson, we will indorse Hedgar Schein's ones to better understand the corporate culture of Apple. These theories will talk about the symbols (logo) and the organizational culture by using several cases to illustrate the ideas. With each theorist, we will see a small suming up of his main ideas. Next, we will answer to a question about the company Apple Inc. How performance and innovation are linked, and how it is reflected by the products of the firm?

Tags: Apple organizational culture, Apple corporate profile, Apple corporate values, Apple organizational change, Organizational structure of Apple Inc.

[...] The company has changed the apple logo three times. On the first logo we could see a drawing of Isaac Newton and his link to the fruit. But this changed rapidly. Designers worked on the way to best represent the company. As a result, the fruit seems to emerge as an obvious symbol. Rob Janoff introduced the multicolored apple. The key element of the fruit is that it is eaten. Here, the metaphor took all its meaning and represented the will of the firm to eat the world. [...]

[...] In the manner in which these goods develop, Apple Inc moves with the progress. According to Tellis (2009), radical innovation is an important driver of the growth, success, and wealth of firms and nations. Steve Jobs understood that, and bet everything he could on an innovative process. When he came back as the head of the company in 1997, he brought a new kind of corporate culture, based on innovation and the importance of the Human Being. Apple's products are clearly linked to his thirst to be forward-looking. [...]

[...] Directly involved in the Apple Inc's context, they are rapidly integrated into operations. They learn from some of the best employees of the company. According to Pascale (1985), the period of learning before joining a company is essential. The rewards and control system concept, is really important in order to make an employee more productive. It gives the will to learn how to perform, how to react with the staff, the direction, and what direction the employees work towards. To complete this idea of system, the question of hierarchy and leadership is always asked in each company; nevertheless, all managers have their own definition. [...]

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