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The entrepreneurship within IKEA

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  1. Presentation of Ikea
    1. Facts and Figures
    2. Features of the Ikea Company
  2. From Entrepreneurship to Corporate Entrepreneurship
    1. Establishment of the concept in the early years
    2. Is the growing model of IKEA comparable with the Greiner's growth model?
    3. Ikea's Growth Strategy: the Ansoff Matrix
  3. Is Ikea a good example of an entrepreneurial company?
    1. How Ikea manages its entrepreneurial activities?
    2. A corporate entrepreneurship audit
    3. Action Plan

We have chosen to use Ikea as the company in which we will base the analysis of this case report. The Ikea has been chosen is because we believe that it is a company which stems from entrepreneurial activities right from the beginning of its existence, to the present day. Ikea is a worldwide furniture retailer, the largest of its kind, and it is thus important to understand how they have become so successful, what sets them apart from the competition. It is also interesting to see how they have developed and integrated ideas as well as innovative designs which keep the consumer coming back while attracting new customers. We will also explore how the company is able to maintain the position of market leader and have a first-rate reputation. Even though the goods and services provided are inexpensive, they have great quality. The key factors displayed, are how Ikea's growth into new markets occurs, and how the development of their products is maintained at constant rate. We will discuss who is responsible for this and what techniques Ikea incorporates. This case report relies upon information from a number of different sources. These include Newspapers, Articles, Text Books and the Internet. We have also used our own knowledge to a certain extent, through visiting stores in the past in the United Kingdom, France and Sweden. This has given us valuable information to what it is like first hand, to experience the Ikea sensation, and view it from the customer's point of view.

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