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The Rubber Company : analysis of change process

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  1. How did the change process start at the Rubber Company?
    1. First objective: improve cooperation and synchronism between business units
    2. M3C objective
    3. How was the change in the company structure carried out?
  2. How did the change process start in the Industrial Activities Department?
    1. The Reliability Matrix
    2. The Autonomy
  3. How to communicate the stake of the mission to the colleagues?
  4. How to implement the change process?
  5. What is the impact of using the Autonomy Curve and Reliability Matrix protocols?
    1. First impact: the competencies increase
    2. Second impact: the accent put on engagement
    3. Third impact: a change of mentality
    4. Fourth impact: a daily application of these principles
  6. How can the colleagues contribute to the adjustment of the change process?
  7. What are the main improvments in the functioning and the performance of the Industrial Activities Department?
    1. Anticipation
    2. Increase of initiative, empowering and autonomy
    3. Sense of responsibilities and cooperation
    4. Observable improvements
  8. What is today the climate?
    1. A defeatist initial situation
    2. M3C saved the French factory
  9. What are the results of the implementation of the change model and of the contextual drive-ship methods?
  10. How did the training on the M3C help to drive the change process? Implementing the Cooperative Contextual
    1. A better understanding of the role of a leader
    2. A modification of work relationships
    3. Elaboration of a statement
    4. Communication and participation
    5. Testing the viability of the change

"This document will study the difficulties in applying change processes and systems in the traditional life cycle of any given company and the creation of a successful change management roadmap, to be integrated into the diagnostic of any given company". Change process often needs to be initiated by a person who is external to the company, and independent and objective about the company's situation. In this case, an audit is useful to enable the company to realize its weaknesses. This audit allows the company to have an impartial vision on its global operation, to have data on main issues and to start implementing the improvements necessary through more communication in order to increase the company's global profitability. This means that communication is not developed enough at the present time, and this blocks company effectiveness by increasing delays and costs. To Improve cooperation and synchronism between business units the CEO wanted to implement a systemic change based on the Model of Cooperative Conceptual Change (M3C) which consists in:
-managers training to new managerial tools and techniques
-the intervention of an external trainer (Virginie) to change team and individual behavior
-inciting managers to have a daily pro-active attitude,
-and enabling them to realize the impact of their actions thanks to models.

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