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West Indies yacht club resort

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  1. Statement of the Problem
  2. Significance and Scope of the Study
  3. Review of Related Literature
  4. Findings
  5. Recommendations

Since the beginning of globalization and the development of subsidiaries all over the World, the expatriate has become an element of security to protect the interests of the company abroad. However the expatriates are now facing several problems of adaptation with the external environment and the local people they live with. These problems produce a vicious cycle which can destroy the reputation, and finance of a company in the local environment. This case study highlights the difficulties faced by American expatriates in a Luxury Resort in the Caribbean islands. According to Hofstede, cultural differences can have a huge impact on the performance of a worker, especially in a relatively small environment. The Management of the company needs to formulate a program to train their expatriates, and set up a strict organization to reduce management problems and increase the commitment of its employees.

[...] Bibliography Morgan and Hunt (1994), commitment-trust theory of relationship marketing?, Journal of Marketing, Vol pp20-39 Hofstede, G. (1980), Culture's Consequences: International Differences in Work-Related Values, Sage Publications, Beverly Hills, CA. Jayawardena, C. (2000), "International hotel manager", International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol No.1, pp.67-9. Jayawardena, C. (2001), "Challenges in international hospitality management education", International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol No.6, pp.310-15. Jayawardena, C. (2002), "Mastering Caribbean tourism", International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol No.2, pp.88-93. Solnet, D., Paulsen, N. [...]

[...] The Guest feedback program has not been implemented for several reasons: The assessment of the employees does not seem to be the norm in Caribbean islands, as shown by the system of pay for the local staff, which does not take into consideration the performance review. The Guests seems to be seriously disappointed by the lack of appropriate services in the resort. The deterioration of the services provided by the resort seems to be a cause of worry for the management, and but not the staff. [...]

[...] Conclusion and recommendations The establishment of a resort in the Caribbean islands is a difficult task, especially from the point of view of human resources. The culture and sub-culture of the area have a huge influence on the belief, behavior and attitudes of the people. The Caribbean islands are characterized by the high level of acceptance of the white tourist in most of the cases, as well as low productivity, a high rate of unemployment and a high influence of the state or regulatory authorities. [...]

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