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Would the half yearly rotation of primary assignments reduce burnouts among correctional case managers?

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  1. Executive summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Problem statement
  4. Significance of the study
  5. Literature review
    1. The scale designed by Maslach and Jackson
    2. The preference for employee rotation strategies
    3. The contingency theory
    4. The need for sustained adoption of strategic and pragmatic personnel planning functionalities
  6. Methodology
    1. Research design
    2. Data collection
    3. Sampling
    4. Research question
    5. Hypotheses
  7. Operationalization of variables
    1. Independent Variable (IV)
    2. Dependent Variable (DV)
  8. Purpose of the research
  9. Limitations and threats to validity
  10. Data analysis
  11. Discussion
  12. Conclusion
  13. References

Managing human resources, like other resources is primarily a line management responsibility. Demands have however grown in this area as other resource management areas, and staff functions have emerged and expanded to aid management. Top organizational management continues to provide far reaching policies and philosophies relating to human resource matters and participates in decisions and negotiations having broad long range impact on the direction of the organization's management of human resources. Employee burnout is gaining increasing recognition as one of the factors that hamper the achievement of efficiency from employees. Employee burnout is particularly associated diminishing interests and emotional exhaustion on the part employees because of serving in particular organizational positions for longer than necessary. This business research proposal delves into various aspects of organizational management that are designed to ensure the minimization of employee burnout, with particular emphasis to the rationale of half yearly rotation of assignments as a strategic approach for reducing employee burnout.

[...] The measurement of experienced burnout. Journal of Occupational Behavior, 99-113, Accessed on August from: pdf McNamara, C. (2003). Brief overview of contemporary theories in management. (INTERNET), Authenticity Consulting LLC, Accessed on August from: . Millimore, M. (2003). Just how extensive is the practice of strategic recruitment and selection? Irish of Journal Management. Moscoso, S., & Ignatius, M. (2009). Job experience and big five personality dimensions. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 239-242. Kirton, G., Mary, Q., & Greene, A. [...]

[...] Primary attention should always be given to one or a combination of the following categories of activities: collecting and analyzing data, designing and applying forecasting systems and managing career development (Richard & Johnson p. 303). These activity areas are linked with the mission of anticipating and managing changes in personnel activities. In many human service organizations, personnel concerns require increasing amounts of attention from managers and increasing allocation of resources for programs and staff support because of the susceptibility of the employees to emotional and motivational burnout. [...]

[...] Given the assumptions that there exist residual correlations, the error terms will be observed alongside the regressive functions, with the maximum likelihood method being applied in the re-estimation of the regressions. Data Analysis Quantitative analysis of data is needed for hypothesis testing and the coefficients representing the relative significance of half yearly rotation of primary assignments. Much as the proposed research emphasizes on quantitative elements, qualitative interpretation will be used to provide a highly descriptive analysis of the employee behavior changes before, during and after the assignment rotation period. [...]

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