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Corporate communication and corporate governance

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  1. Definition and roles of financial institutions and corporate governance
  2. Corporate governance: different theories
  3. The financial crisis and the corporate governance issues involved within financial institutions
  4. What could be changed in financial institutions corporate governance? And what could be the effects on those institutions?

As financial institutions play an important role in the economic activity, they assume central place in this context. The financial crisis has revealed different issues that have been hidden within our societies. Evidently, societies have underlined the practices of finance, and sometimes denounce abuses in this area. Besides, the financial turmoil has highlighted issues in corporate governance that appeared before and still remains at this moment. In this way, corporate governance and finance are linked by some common issues. The aim of this paper is to analyze the corporate governance inside financial institutions, and to examine the issues in corporate governance in the banking system in order to find solutions on this theme. Corporate governance is concerned with the regulation, supervision, or performance and oversight of the corporation. There are two patterns that stand out distinctly in this context which are the shareholder theory and the stakeholder theory.

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