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A brief look at Mico: A part of the Bosch Group

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  1. Industry profile
    1. Indian Automotive Industry: An overview
  2. Profile of the organisation
    1. Introduction to Bosch
    2. Business sectors of the Bosch Group
    3. Milestones in automotive technology of Bosch Group
  3. Products and services
    1. Household appliances
    2. Car parts and accessories
    3. Security systems
    4. Power tools for trade and industry
    5. Automotive technology for the future
  4. Mico's profile
    1. Research and development
    2. service
  5. Quality objectives
    1. Quality policy
    2. Quality facilities
    3. Design facilities
    4. Quality assurance facilities
    5. Inbuilt quality (technological edge)
  6. Products manufactured
  7. 'Zero defects: 100% quality': Mico's goal
  8. Skills
  9. Product profile of Mico
    1. Mico product range
    2. Diesel fuel injection equipment
    3. Auto electricals
    4. Automotive accessories
    5. Industrial equipment
    6. Packaging machines
    7. Electric power tools
  10. Bosch automotive products
    1. Blaupunkt car multimedia
    2. Industrial equipment
    3. Bosch power tools
  11. Foray into exports
  12. Supplier of high presicion products

The progress of the Indian economy is highly dependent on the growth of the industries, which in turn has been favored and supported by the development of the transport facilities in the country. Realizing and accepting this necessity, de-licensing and opening of the sector to FDI was initiated by the government in 1993, thus creating great advances in the automotive industry comprising of the automobile and the auto component sectors resulting in an investment in the industry exceeding $ 1031.57 million. The turnover of the automobile industry including auto component industry exceeded $ 1228.76 million in 1999-2000. The industry provides direct employment to 450000 people and generates indirect employment for 1crore. The contribution of the automotive industry to GDP has risen from 2.77% in 1992-93 to 4.0% in 1998-99. India ranks second in the production of two wheelers and fifth in commercial vehicles.

[...] Considering that global trade in auto components at the beginning of the decade was about $ 250 billion, there is a completely big market waiting to be conquered. Encouraged by the growing competitiveness of the Indian automotive component sector, automotive component manufacturers, under the ages of the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA), are now looking at exploring new market opportunities in Russia. According to ACMA, Russia represents a fast-growing market for automotive products and is likely to become one of the world's largest automotive markets in the next 15 to 20 years. [...]

[...] Quality circles PRODUCT PROFILE OF MICO MICO PRODUCT RANGE DIESEL FUEL INJECTION EQUIPMENT Fuel Injection Pumps Single Cylinder, Multi cylinder, Distributor type Governors, Injection Times and Feed Pumps Nozzles and Nozzle-holders Elements Delivery Valves Mono block Pumps SPARK PLUGS AUTO-ELECTRICALS Starter Motors Alternators AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSORIES Halogen Bulbs Fog Lamps Stop and Tail Bulbs Miniature Bulbs Festoon Bulbs Two-wheeler Head Lamp Assembly Ignition Coils Voltage Regulators Horns Diesel Filter / Filter Inserts, (Spin / bowl), Lub Oil Filters, Air Filters, Petrol Filters, Petrol Injection Filters Wrapped V-Belts, Cogged V-Belts, Poly V-Belts Clutch Auto Belts Clutch Plates / Cover Assemblies Glow Plugs, Glow Duration Unit, Glow Indicators & Glow Resistors ARAL Lubricants & Coolants Shock Absorbers Batteries Blaupunkt Car Audio Systems Diesel Fuel Injection Pipes Automotive Relays Wiper Blades Gear Pumps INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT Special Purpose Machines Deburring Machines Electro Chemical Machining Thermal Energy Method (TEM) Measuring & Inspection Automates Assembly Techniques PACKAGING MACHINES Vertical form fill and seal machines Pharmaceutical packing machines Confectionery processing machines ELECTRIC POWER TOOLS Construction Tools Wood Working Tools Specialty Tools Cordless Tools Metal Working Tools High Frequency Tools Bolting Technology PNEUMATIC TOOLS Bosch Accessories for all the tools 2 Bosch Automotive Products: Blaupunkt Car Multimedia Car radios, speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers CD changers, accessories, multimedia screens MP3 players Industrial Equipment Soft stage metal cutting special purpose machines Lapping machines, measuring and inspection automates Fully automated transfer lines Super finishing machines Bosch Power Tools Construction tools, specialty tools, cordless tools Wood working tools, metal working tools Pneumatic tools, high frequency tools Security Systems Communication: Public address system, Conference system, Sound Management system, Industrial PA system CCTV: Cameras and lenses, CCTV monitors, digital video recorder, observation systems [...]

[...] (MICO), a group member of the Bosch Group, is a pioneer and acknowledged leader in Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment & Spark Plugs. Access to ?state-of-the-art? technologies from Bosch and a zealous commitment to quality, have made MICO the country's largest manufacturer of Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment and one among the largest in the world. In addition, MICO manufactures industrial equipment, auto electrical, hydraulics for industrial & tractor applications, electric power tools, packaging machines and Blaupunkt car multimedia systems. MICO enjoys monopoly in many of its products, as it is in automobile ancillary industry. [...]

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