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A project report on Bosch

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  1. Introduction
    1. Company profile
    2. Mico-Bosch
    3. Key information of Mico
    4. Milestones
    5. Products
    6. Customers
  2. Problem identification
    1. Study of existing process
    2. Manufacturing process
    3. Problem identified
  3. Data collection and analysis
    1. Increasing WIP
    2. Monthly production
    3. Replenishment time at soft stage
  4. Literature review
    1. History of Kanban
    2. The pull system and waste reduction
    3. Production work orders and Kanban
    4. MRP II and Kanban
    5. Push versus pull system
    6. Types pf Kanban
    7. Production Kanbans
    8. Functions of Kanbans
    9. Rules of Kanban
    10. Benefits of Kanban
    11. Calculation of Kanban
  5. Value stream mapping
    1. Steps involved in the process
    2. Plan implementation
  6. Bosch production system
  7. Methodology
    1. Proposed methodology
    2. Value stream design
    3. Future Kanban control area
  8. Implementation phase
  9. Monitoring phase
  10. Improvement phase
  11. Results
  12. Future scope of the project
  13. References

MICO Nashik also abbreviated as MICO/NaP in the Bosch World, is one of the four pillars of MICO and Bosch Group in India. The company is situated in city which is one of the holy cities of India and is full of natural resources and manpower. This has contributed in the development and growth of the company in the city. The MICO/NaP is located at Satpur in Nashik. The plant has five functioning workshops with well planned and international quality structure. The plants and buildings are well supplied with necessary facilities such as water, electricity and ambiators, which make the working as pleasure. The plant is surrounded with good landscaping and plantation giving the feeling of another world in the city. The good landscaping is the characteristic of the plant. These are the pintle type nozzles. Pintle-type nozzles have a coaxial jet and are used in pre-combustion chamber engines and turbulent chamber engines. The nozzle openings pressure it between 115 and 400 bars.

[...] And draw the various processes in the symbolic form on a piece of paper. Draw the process in the sequence in which they occur and draw them on the paper from left to right. Fill out data boxes, count inventory, and map inventory locations: In the data box, information regarding cycle time, setup time, Uptime, per shift availability and no. of machines for that operation etc. information is written. Additional information regarding lot size, type of parts, working time shift model, scrap/ rework etc. [...]

[...] : Supermarket for DSLA HT over body NaP MICO BOSCH Supermarket for DSLA HT over body NaP MICO BOSCH Fig 41: Acrylic Kanban card Fig 42:Kanban Post on Supermarket Supermarket Design: Supermarket is the location where the parts are stacked in the FIFO chutes along with the kanban cards. The customer or the associate of the next process comes and takes the part he wanted and put the production kanban on the ?Kanban Post or kanban Board?. Supermarket should be designed very carefully taking into consideration the future trends so that it can fulfill the demand of the future trends as well as current market requirements and at the same time it should not be oversized and occupy the large space. [...]

[...] This requires to have more finished goods inventory in the hope that to have on hand what a customer wants or more lead time to fulfill an order. Batching also means that fabricated components will be consumed in batches, which swells the in process inventories needed in upstream supermarkets throughout the entire value stream. And, because a variation in a final assembly schedule is amplified as parts move upstream, those in process inventories will tend to grow larger the further upstream you go. [...]

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