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Business environments focusing on demographic environment

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  1. Introduction
  2. Democracy in India
  3. Representative democracy
  4. Decentralization of power
  5. Challenges to democracy
  6. Structure and dynamics
  7. Population of India (1951-2001)
  8. Consequence of a population explosion in developing countries
  9. Falling birth rate and change age structure
  10. Migration and ethnic aspects
  11. Connections to the National Geography Standards
  12. Suggested procedure
  13. Major initiatives in the social sector in 2007-08
  14. major anti poverty employment gerenation and services programmes
  15. Primary education scheme
  16. Summary

The important of demographic factor to business is clear from the fact that ?management is men? and ?market is people.? It is conventionally said that management is men, material, machinery, and money. Even if all the other Ms are excellent, it would not be of unless the men are the right one [in terms of quality, potential, motivation & commitment etc.] Market is people in the sense that the demand depends on the people and their characteristic the number, income levels, taste and preferences, belief, attitude and sentiments and a host of others demographic factors. No wonder, demographic is an important basis of market segmentation. The demographic environment differs from country to country and from one place within the same country or region to another. Further it may change significantly over time. Peter ducker, who emphasizes the tremendous economic and business implication of demographic changes, suggests that any strategy, that is any commitment of present resources to the future expectation, has to start out with demographic.

[...] Democracy is a system of living on the basis of certain social values. What are the peculiar values of democracy? Freedom Equality Fraternity Fundamental rights Social justice Independence of judiciary Let us examine certain circumstances that put these values into practice: All get opportunities Share responsibilities Opinions are expressed freely Respect the opinion of others Accept the opinion of the majority Ensure peoples' participation Every one waits for his/her turn Many more peculiarities can be found out then what is democracy in its total sense? [...]

[...] Arrange a discussion on the ?role of opposition in a democratic system' Decentralization of power: Generally power is exercised in two ways centralized and decentralized. Democratic societies give preference to decentralized way of exercising power. It is giving strength and priority to the local administrative system that democratic societies try to materialize this. The Panchayati Raj system in India is implemented with this objective in view. India is a nation with large population, wide geographical areas and a lot of varieties. [...]

[...] Population of India growth in the years between 1950 and 1970 centered on areas of new irrigation projects, areas subject to refugee resettlement, and regions of urban expansion. Areas where population did not increase at a rate approaching the national average were those facing the most severe economic hardships, overpopulated rural areas, and regions with low levels of urbanization. The 1991 census, which was carried out under the direction of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India (part of the Ministry of Home Affairs), in keeping with the previous two censuses, used the term urban agglomerations . [...]

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