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The functional areas of Standard Chartered Bank in India

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  1. Introduction
  2. Growth and development of the organization
  3. Future plans of the organization
  4. Organization structure
  5. Detailed study of the departments
    1. Human resource department
    2. Marketing department
    3. Theory regarding marketing of mutual funds
    4. Marketing elements for mutual funds
    5. Product design and pricing
    6. Promotion and distribution of the products
    7. Customer services
    8. Marketing and market research
    9. Finance department
  6. Objectives of industry related and product related research
  7. SWOT analysis of the organization
  8. McKinsey 7s model
  9. Recommendations

Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) had acquired the interest of ANZ Banking Group in the ANZ Grind lays Asset Management Company Private Limited and ANZ Grind lays Trustee Company Private Limited and subsequently these entities were renamed as Standard Chartered Asset Management Company Private Limited and Standard Chartered Trustee Company Private Limited. SCB has contributed an amount of Rs. 10,000/- to the corpus of the Fund. SEBI has approved the change in the name of the Fund to Standard Chartered Mutual Fund vide letter no: MFD/PM/017/2001 dated Feb 26, 2001. A deed of amendment to the Trust Deed dated March 2. ANZ Grindlays Mutual Fund, which has been renamed as Standard Chartered Mutual Fund (?the Mutual Fund? or ?the Fund?) had been constituted as a Trust in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 (2 of 1882) vide a Trust Deed dated December 29, 1999.

Standard Chartered Mutual Fund within a short time span of under three years manages assets in excess of Rs. 9200 crs in its seven open-ended 100% equity free schemes. Standard Chartered Mutual Fund galvanized on otherwise dormant segment of debt funds with the launch of several innovative products and services. Chief among them being the introduction of the Short-term plan, the Medium term Plan and a truly actively managed debt fund-the Dynamic Bond Fund and redemptions the very next day for all classes.

Tags: Standard Charted credit appraisal system, Credit risk applications of Standard Charted, Market segmentation of Standard Charted bank, Strategic decisions of Standard Charted bank

[...] In India the face value of units of most mutual funds is Rs. 10.however, while deciding prices, incentives, brokerage commission also need to be decided in advance because of the expenses towards these bills affect the ultimate returns to the investors. Promotion and distribution of the products Any new product of mutual fund may be having all the desired qualities but that does not ensure spontaneous acceptance by the customers. Success would greatly depend on the appropriate distribution and promotional strategy. [...]

[...] Change in demographic factors Change in economic factors VISION AND MISSION Vision The key objective of standard chartered is to be a dominant player in the Indian mutual fund space, recognized for its high levels of ethical and professional conduct and a commitment towards enhancing investor interest. By the end of 2007 they aim to have established: A reputation for innovative thinking in the areas that matter to the company and to their stakeholders and customers. Monitoring programs to identify and tackle potential risks to the company, its shareholders and customers. [...]

[...] Market orientation of the product and customer orientation of servicing are the two key factors in the competitive world of the financial services. Customers are usually better informed and more aware of their rights and privileges. Prompt and timely service in issuing certificates/cheques and attending other request would make a distinct difference. Services can be provided through external agencies or internally through service department. In order to ensure quality service to the customer, ?service audit? would be of great help in monitoring range of service usually rendered by mutual funds. [...]

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