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Business Policy - Analysis of the European automobile industry

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  1. PEST analysis
    1. Political factors
    2. Economic factors
    3. Sociocultural factors
  2. Porter's five forces
    1. Potential entrants
    2. Substitutes
    3. Competitive rivalry
    4. Suppliers' power
    5. Buyers' power
  3. Strategic groups
    1. Explanations of the graph
  4. Scenarios

I have chosen the automobile area and I have studied this sector on the European market. It includes many products, cars of course, but also trucks and tractors. First, I have described the general features of this market- its size, the main manufacturers, countries that are the main producers, and what are the main issues. That is why I have written a short presentation. Then, I have identified what factors could influence constructors. To reach this goal, I have used several analysis models to understand the macro-environment. To better understand this environment I had to, of course read a lot of books, newspapers and articles on the web. Finally, I have analysed the major risks for this industry and have predicted how the future can be. Effectively I have written several scenarios and I have visualized the automobile's future.

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