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Crisis communication plan: Moët et Chandon

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  1. Understanding the situation
  2. Identifying stakeholders
  3. Choosing the best crisis management approach
  4. Planning your communication
  5. On the long term

Moet & Chandon takes pride in saying that they produce an inimitable high quality champagne, however, in recent events a scandal about bottles with fake content resurface in the media. Customers complained and the credibility of your brand is in danger.
In the next few pages we are going to present a step by step crisis communication plan, highlighting the need to understand the gravity of the situation, to identify your shareholders and to carefully prepare your communication.
We also going to present you a list of recommended short and long term actions.

[...] An investigation revealed that a disgruntled Moet et Chandon employee was responsible for the fraud 3. What are the possible consequences? If not handled in a quick and efficient way: This situation may harm the image of the company. Moet & Chandon is a champagne house famous for its unequaled winemaking savoir-faire and an innovative and pioneering spirit passed down from generations to generations. You would risk losing the trust of your clients all over the world. Due to high prices and the renowned brand, your customers have extremely high expectations for the quality of your products. [...]

[...] You will need to make sure that communication is sufficient and goes out quickly. If you don't, the media will write their own stories Identify your key message Your priority should be to show the world that you have the situation under control. In order to do that you will have to explain the causes and offer solutions. Since the people causing the fraud were your own employees, you have to express your understanding of their reasons and what measures you are planning to take in order, prevent it from happening again. [...]

[...] At first during the preparation phase, transparent and honest communication will help you develop mutual trust and cooperation with your stakeholders. We highly recommend for you to try to involve all stakeholders that may be harmed by organizational decisions and actions, into the preparation of your strategy. When it is time for you to respond, you should anticipate that the crisis may trigger a chain reaction of other crises. Hence it is important for you to evaluate your organization on internal level and find out about all the potential problems which might resurface before the media do. [...]

[...] Use it as a learning opportunity to make your company better No more compromises with the quality of your product Establish a set of procedures intended to ensure that a manufactured product adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of your customers Share the results Share the new and improved Moet & Chandon with the world. Implement that idea into a new communication strategy. Be transparent, a good idea would be to organize a tour of the Moet & Chandon production site for a special event like open house? . With a guide who could explicate the process of bottling and different steps from picking grapes until the bottles reach the shops. [...]

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