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The Position of the US Car Industry in Relation to the Concept of Corporate Social Responsibilities

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  1. Discussion on the concept of Corporate Social Responsibilities and of the pros and the cons of companies adopting its principles
  2. Evaluation of the actions of the US car industry in relation to Corporate Social Responsibilities
    1. Identification of the key aspects of Corporate Social Responsibilities
    2. Identification and discussion on the key environmental and consumer safety issues arising out of the use of SUVs and trucks
    3. Evaluated the actions and Policies of US car Industry
  3. Overall judgment and recommendations

Corporate social responsibility can be divided in two different approaches. At first, we will study the wider perspectives and then we will see the narrow perspectives with Friedman's thesis. In the wider perspective, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept wherein company integrates social, environmental and economic preoccupations. In this perspective, the corporations rely on the contribution of stakeholders rather than just their shareholders. This concept of CSR started in the US half a century ago. Nowadays, this concept is widely adopted because it is advantageous for corporations to act in a socially responsible manner. One consumer in five claims they would pay more for products that are socially and environmentally responsible, according to MORI research carried out in 2000 for the business network CSR Europe. Seven in ten European consumers say that a company's commitment to social responsibility is important when buying a product or service, found the poll of 12,000 consumers across 12 European countries. In other words, the companies which are socially responsible can improve financial performances more easily and rapidly than others.

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