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3M Leadership

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  1. Introduction
  2. Management at 3M
    1. Governance model at 3M
    2. Recruitment
    3. Values, visions and strategy at 3M
    4. Social responsibility
  3. Leading people
    1. Self-leadership
    2. Motivators
    3. Managing personnel's know-how
  4. Interaction
    1. Development discussions
    2. Work community
  5. Conclusion

The company we choose is 3M which is an international company. It produces 40 technology platform and work to improve the lives of individual and society. Their commitment to capturing the needs of customers and communities constitutes the essence of their creativity and enables them to translate these needs into more than 50,000 innovative solutions touching virtually every aspect of modern life.

We choose this company because it works in an international market and use a really specifical process of management. In this project we have focus on the managerial aspect of the company. We study in the first section the management at 3M with the governance model, the recruitment, the values and the strategy of the company in the second section we study the leading people with the self-leadership and the motivators at 3M and to finish the last part is the interaction with the interaction discussions and the work community. For each section, we mixed in theory from different sources with the input of the one of the 3M employees. Overall our case study should give you a simplified overview of 3M management.

[...] Employees are also encouraged to study more on their area of specialization and 3M can take a part of the costs or give free time from work up till 6 days/6 months for examines and lectures Work community There has been a major change in the organization of the 3M Finland in less than two years ago. Before there was a Finnish organization but now it is a Nordic organization. Because of that there have been many changes in the organization. [...]

[...] Also when working at a group or with just one other individual, you must always think about your own leadership along with leading the others. The good of group always goes in front of the good of you. So if you can do a favor for your team instead of yourself, then you should go for it. In the end of the day it always pays back to be a good leader to your employees first and if that means more work to you, then that's the way it is. [...]

[...] Much of the internal information can be obtained internally from 3M Source which is a database where very much of the work related instructions and tools are stored. This is also a way to restore the important information for the future employees for easy access. Each employee has a written job description. Job description is reflected to the Orientation Plan. This means that very individual will have a personal plan created exactly for his/her needs. Part of the orientation plan is also to work with a more experienced employee. [...]

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