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A revolution in supply chain management? The potential offered by e-business systems

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  1. Supply Chain Introduction
  2. E-Supply chains and their Management
  3. EC solutions along the supply chain

An e-supply chain is the flow of materials, information, money, and services from raw material suppliers through factories and warehouses to the end customers. A supply chain also includes the organizations and processes that create and deliver products, information, and services to the end customers. The term supply chain comes from the concept of linking together different partnering organizations. Simply put, a supply chain involves activities that take place during the entire product life cycle. In reality, a supply chain is more than that, as it also includes the movement of information and money and the procedures that support the movement of a product or a service.

[...] Collaborative commerce among members of the supply chain can be done in many areas ranging from product design to demand forecasting. The results are shorter cycle times, minimal delays and work interruptions, lower inventories, and less administrative cost. In fact, all these processes are developed by e-supply chain and e-networks technology. As an example, we take just a small part of the process at General Motors (GM).Designing a car is a complex and lengthy process. Each model created needs to go through a frontal crash test. [...]

[...] E-procurement can improve the operation of the supply chain in various ways: online catalogs can be used to eliminate redesigning of components in product development; visibility of available parts and their attributes enables quick decision making; online purchase orders expedite the ordering process; and advanced-shipping notifications and acknowledgments streamline delivery. Collaborative planning requires buyers and sellers to develop a single shared forecast of demand, and a plan of supply to support this demand, and update it regularly, based on information shared over the internet. [...]

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