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Advertising campaigns geared towards Seniors

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  1. Women and standards of beauty
    1. The changing image of women in society
    2. The ubiquity of women in the media
  2. Dove transgresses the codes of communication
    1. Dove is determined to distinguish itself from its competition
    2. 'For all the beauties? campaign, is a pioneer in communication
  3. Had the brand Dove gone too far in its strategy?
    1. What happens when a cosmetic brand packaging denounces girls?
    2. The spot "Hype" raises the issue of the credibility of Dove
    3. Dove tries to give weight to its communication

Declining fertility, increased life expectancy and later arrival of the first generation of baby boomers are all factors that combine to explain the aging of the French population. The number of seniors in the French population should reach 35% in 2010 when it was only 27% in 1980.

One French person in five is aged at least 60 years. The baby boomers are still active and mostly healthy. They have high incomes. This generation is the one which invented the consumer society. Even after retirement, they have comfortable incomes. They discover new things during their freedom after retirement. They play an important social intergenerational role (grandpa, grandma). They live in their peaceful old age. Their social life is almost normal but there is a disruption in their lives following the death of their spouses. They lose interest in life. The 'very old' are in a state of dependence, they are mostly not independent and they therefore need ongoing assistance in their daily lives. The rate is very precarious. The central concern of this segment of the old people is health.

In twenty years, attitudes and behaviors of people over 50 years have changed considerably. Besides the material aspects (higher incomes, provision of greater wealth, comfort and accommodation facilities), their mindset has changed in the direction of greater autonomy, less conformist, increasingly open to the outside world. Expectations, attitudes and purchasing behavior of older people have changed.

Today in France, a consumer in every two adults is over 50 years. Although there are significant differences within this group, seniors have an average income higher than a third of those under the age of 50. In the end, people who are more than 50 years have 50% of household net incomes and hold 60% of assets.

Tags: advertising campaigns, senior citizens, advertising campaigns for senior citizens

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