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Advertising on search engines

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  1. Advertising on internet
  2. Different types of ads on internet
  3. Advertising aims at search engines
  4. The 3 top kinds of advertising techniques used on search engines
  5. People's reaction about advertising on search engines
  6. The future of advertising on search engines

Today, advertising is everywhere. We always think that there are some conventional media that we should use to promote products, services, brands or companies but, there is no real law to do that way. Moreover, some advertisers don't hesitate to use walls, poles, cars, wagons, and even tube stations. Why do we need to place adds in these locations? The answer is simple: we could create the most creative and interesting add on the earth, it won't have any real efficiency if the supports are not enough exposed to the targets. So, it is necessary to know where people use to kill time. Of course, the best is to target people's houses. Television is not so bad for that kind of strategy. But it has some disadvantages, TV is an expensive support where there are lots of existing advertisers, so the add could be drowned in the mass.

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