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American Management and Leadership

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  1. Summary, status of food sterilization by irradiation in the United States
    1. History of the irradiation process and of the safe use regulation
    2. The approval use of irradiation by the regulation agencies
    3. Partial Listing of Some Countries and Foods Approved for Irradiation in 1988 or Earlier
    4. Applications of Food Irradiation
  2. Best qualities of leadership in a country or in an industry of your choice and how they can be obtained
    1. Qualities of leadership
    2. Leadership styles
  3. Culture understanding
    1. The SATHE's level of culture
    2. Hofstede's Dimensions of cultural values

The regulations for food irradiation are organized by several Federal agencies: The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the primary regulatory agency involved with food irradiation. It sets criteria for the safe use of irradiation on all foods. FDA involvement is mandated by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act which specifically defines sources of irradiation as food additives. The USDA agency (U.S Department of Agriculture) regulates the use of irradiation on specific foods. The APHIS (animal and Plant Health Inspection Services) regulates irradiation used as a quarantine treatment for fresh products coming into the United States from other countries to prevent the establishment of exotic pests that could harm U.S agriculture. Finally, the FSIS (Food Safety and Inspection Services) regulates the implementation of the process for meat and poultry to ensure that those foods remain safe.

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