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An analysis of the structure of the Canadian retail industry

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  1. Executive summary.
  2. Introduction.
  3. History of the retail industry and Hudson's Bay Company.
  4. Relevant sectors of retail industry.
  5. Direct competition in the retail industry.
    1. Hudson Bay Company.
    2. Canadian retailers.
    3. US retailers.
  6. Substitutes to retail shopping.
    1. Online auction markets.
    2. Mail-in catalogues.
    3. TV infomercials.
    4. Online retailers.
  7. Overall competitiveness of retail industry.
    1. Competition at the Department-store level.
    2. Competition at the discount-store level.
  8. Key success factors and overall industry attractiveness.
  9. Hudson Bay Company's strategic position in the retail industry.
  10. Conclusion.
  11. References.

A common theme of the Canadian retail industry is that it is evolving at a rapid pace. External factors, such as the growth in the relative purchasing power of the Canadian dollar; increasing competition from discount rivals such as Wal-Mart; shifting consumer trends; and the emergence of the retail industry in Western Canada provide Hudson's Bay Company with new challenges as well as opportunities for growth. The clothing industry on which The Bay depends faces stagnant demand compared to the rest of the industry, while Home Outfitters may see a decline in sales as the Canadian housing market cools off. Substitutes to the traditional shopping experience such as e-commerce and mail-order products are growing rapidly and offer advantages which HBC cannot replicate in-store. However, while the retail industry may be becoming more competitive, HBC has recently been taken private and is free from the short-term focus which can often hamper turnaround strategies. The Company has outlined six key areas of improvement which show great promise.

[...] The axes of this graph were selected according to Porter's generic strategies: a firm should either focus on cost leadership or on some form of differentiation strategy centred about improving the quality of a customer's experience. Conclusion It is imperative for HBC to continually monitor the fast-paced retail environment. Size matters in the retail industry due to the powers of economies of scale and in order to achieve long-term growth, the firm must continue to evaluate overall strategy, align business objectives, and ensure proper processes are in place to meet these objectives. [...]

[...] This following report presents a comprehensive analysis of the retail industry in which HBC operates, allowing for the accurate evaluation of a specific technology in the future which can be used to help the firm's turnaround gain momentum. History of the Retail Industry and Hudson's Bay Company Retailers sell goods to the general public, generally without modification, and render services connected to the efficient sale of merchandise. In Canada, the retail industry accounts for 29% of domestic demand and 12% of employment (Statistics Canada, 2005). [...]

[...] Canadian consumer purchasing power is highest in Alberta, with high discretionary spending, and it is expected that a further upward trend will lead to benefits for the retail industry (Statistics Canada, 2005). Note, however, that while growth in real disposable income is expected to grow from 2006 to 2009, rising interest rates will increase the share of income devoted to servicing debt. Experts therefore expect Canadian retail growth to plummet to just per year from 2006-2009. A major demographic change occurring today is the aging of the Canadian population. [...]

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