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An overview of capital investment

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  1. Definitions
    1. Capital investment
    2. Capital rationing
    3. Discount rate
    4. Capital budgeting
    5. Planning horizon?
  2. Who is involved in making CI decisions?
  3. Capital investment decision making process
  4. An overview of capital investment methods
    1. Capital investment evaluation methods trend analysis in 100 large UK firms
    2. Alternative approach to assessing risky capital investment

?Investment decision' is the process whereby resources are allocated in organizations, in anticipation of future gain (as defined in Butler, Davies, Pike and Sharp, 1993). Many people in many organizations spend a great deal of their time in making decisions about capital investment. Because capital investment decisions pose problems for decision makers due to the uncertainty about future benefits (" the future is never known with certainty"), many scientists are now involved in developing techniques, which help the decision-makers. Decision-makers aim at finding an optimal solution to their problems, within a model, which is called the decision effectiveness model, (in Butler, Davies, Pike and Sharp, 1993).

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