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Analysis of a communication: beer

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  1. Introduction
  2. Marketing
    1. Market Performance
    2. Business Domain
    3. Marketing Mix
    4. Conclusion
  3. Funding
    1. Ratios
    2. Performance
    3. Conclusion
  4. Management
    1. Structure
    2. Strategy
    3. Organizational Culture
    4. Conclusion
  5. Model MMOF
  6. Macro Analysis
    1. Meso Analysis
    2. Consumer Analysis
    3. Analysis of Competition
    4. Analysis of the distribution
    5. Conclusion

Like any advertising market, the beer is occupied by various brands.These, are in competition with each other, all trying to distinguish themselves by a different communication to fill the position of top of mind with consumers.

To study their market position, this piece of work will be conducted from a corpus, consisting of posters taken from various magazines. These posters are advertising campaigns of eight brands of beer: Kronenbourg, owner of the trademark since 1664, Grimbergen and Foster's, Heineken, which owns the brand Pelforth, and finally Guinness and Leffe.

Initially, how the French market is composed of beer and where are the brands studied in this market, will be observed.
Then this report will discuss the various constraints faced by the ads in the corpus.

Indeed, any advertising communication is subject to some constraints, but communication in support of the beer is, all the more it sells a product that must comply with the legislation. Communication on alcohol must take into account various sections of the Evin law, but beyond the law, it is also controversial because it promotes a product with a negative view rather than a positive outlook. Subsequently, the different strategies used by the beer brands to communicate will be analyzed.

In France, the beers are ranked according to their degree densitometric, into four categories Distinctions can then be made in terms of intrinsic characteristics (color, manufacturing): lagers, white, amber.

France has 18 brewing companies spread over six regions (Alsace,Nord / Pas-de-Calais, Lorraine, Brittany, Provence / Alpes / Cote d'Azur and Picardy), representing over 200 brands.

Two major groups dominate the market and six of their brands share nearly three-quarters of sales in supermarkets: Scottish and Newcastle, which owns Kronenbourg brand, with nearly 50% market share
and The Sogebra (Heineken) with 30% market share.

The market is divided roughly as follows between the different segments: Premium beers: 40% market share; Special beers: 30% market share; Specialty beers: 20% market share; Coolers and non-alcoholic beer: 10% market share.

There is an increased advertising budget allocated to premium beers and special beers and specialty beers, and a decrease in budget is attributed to the non-alcoholic beers. This trend is consistent with the market.

Evin Law, introduced in 1991, involves several constraints that must companies must comply with during the communication for alcohol.
First, the law restricts the media and can be used by alcooliers to promote their products.

From this one can deduce that the media are banned: film, television and the media as the smaller Minitel or public speeches.
The purpose of the law is to ban alcohol advertising in the media which apply to all (such as audio-visual), including children and adolescents.

The radio is an exception to this rule since it can broadcast messages for alcohol, but of course on a limited basis. One can nevertheless wonder why is radio an exception because slots on other audio visual media broadcasting time could also be imposed.

In addition, the law would prohibit the broadcasting media which apply to all, except the display that completely escapes the rule because the advertisements for alcohol are allowed on posters throughout the country.

Tags: Beer, advertisements and media, beer communication analysis

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