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Analysis of SNCF’s information system management

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Summary.
  3. Initial status: SNCF viewed as the production company.
    1. SNCF: A company which makes production first.
    2. SNCF specifities.
  4. Information Technologies history.
    1. E-business history.
    2. E-tourism.
  5. SNCF modified status.
    1. Services.
    2. E-business value.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. References.

The first interest of analyzing SNCF 's ISM is that SNCF is, above all, a production business. Moreover, what interests me is the Customer Relationship Management concerning the travelers part of SNCF (not the commercial one). Although in France it is difficult to imagine that a production business could develop services. SNCF is a company full of paradoxes. That is the reason why I am going to give a birds eye view of the SNCF specificities. That will allow us to know SNCF and then to really understand the importance of the implementation of an Information system management in the company's global strategy. Indeed, what is interesting to analyze in the case of SNCF is the constant adaptation to the customers' needs and customers' habits. That is why I am going to analyze in the same time, on the one hand the story of the e-business growth and on the other hand, the SNCF e-business story. Then we could see how the Information Technologies' strategy does integrate the global strategy of SNCF. What is the SNCF's Information system strategy in terms of customers' service? Is it a success?

[...] Information Technology became an essential element in the growth of the company. B / E-business value ( SWOT / Porter) Image of SNCF In the aim to understand and to highlight the value of SNCF Information Technology in its global strategy, we are to use a SWOT and a PORTER tools. SWOT Strengths Weaknesses SNCF is alone on the individual Merely strokes which discredite the train market. company. It gets a very large trains network. A very useful and unique website in the world with unique services. [...]

[...] The site has as object to provide information the passengers real-time on departures, arrivals and disturbances in the main railway stations of France, as well as available additional benefits before, hanging or after itinerary, in the railway station or nearby. The approachable services in railway station are provided in form of directory for all railway stations and in form of interactive plan for certain railway stations. born in 2004. This site of the FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANY (developed by TBWAInteractive) informs real-time the traffic of trains, which they can also follow, region by region. [...]

[...] Indeed the Information Technology value could be measured in terms of turnover growth. To have a better idea of the e-business brought by SNCF websites, I am to give the annual financial information: Birthday of : The year 2000 ends with a turnover of 89,5 - it is, in comparison to 1999, superior for 4 times ! Creation of the online reservation portal : The year 2001 ends with an increase of of the volume of business which comes to 162 Patnerships with key companies of trip : At the end of the year 2002, attain the rentability on all activities and introduce a volume of business consolidated by 122 million euro at the end of the 1st semester 2002 in comparison with the same period in 2001), for a 5 million euro turnover ! [...]

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