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Animated commercial at 'Santa Cruz'

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  1. Background
  2. A target of young women
    1. A predominantly female target
    2. A brand, a symbol of youth
  3. International brand
  4. The organization
  5. A simple concept
    1. With a range of important products worldwide
    2. And who knew how to win against stiff competition
    3. The conquest of the country
  6. The location of 20 stores
  7. Communication and Marketing
    1. Communication and highly developed marketing methods
    2. Participation in various events to convey the image of the brand
  8. Collaborations with world-famous designers and celebrities
  9. Conclusion

The students of the high school, Cassini Clermont aim to reconcile the imperatives of their training to meet the needs of different companies. With the idea for a business event in a local bar they consulted various Internet sites to learn about the celebrations planned for the fall.

Knowing that the Halloween celebration was coming, they thought of making a business event on the Halloween theme. These students contact businesses to work collaboratively with them to apply their skills through implementing marketing campaigns. They want to produce events to generate traffic. The animation will be such that it will allow a more focused relationship with suppliers (making contact to get specific products).

This event would interest companies because the event would do the following: improve sales by volume and turnover of the company; generate customer traffic and extend the brand; create and expand new relationships with other suppliers (e.g. proposal and negotiating the sale of a beverage and/or food); accentuate and highlight the sales of a product that is used little by consumers (e.g. beverages); to accelerate inventory turnover and thus obtain preferential prices from the suppliers.

The course of animation would be as follows: dress facilitators would be adapted; décor of the place would be bustling with banners; samples, prizes (provided by company vendors); demonstration of cocktails, wine tasting (chips etc.).

Tags: animated commercial at Santa Cruz, Halloween celebrations by high school

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