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Applied problem solving in a workplace

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  1. Working on a real life problem
  2. Evaluating progress and dealing with current issues
  3. Values and ethical issues
  4. Review of learning

Problems are a natural part of the human form since the numbers of times that people make the wrong decisions are too many as a result the errors made. There is however a difference between the complex problems and the simple local problems that is easy to solve. Complex problems are the problems, which are not easy to understand or analyse due to their complicated and intricate nature. Additionally complex problems are material enough and they are regarded as unwelcome, hence they need to be properly assessed and understood to understand. In regard to the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) the complexities associated with technological advancements as well as increasingly complex equipment constitute complex problems. Women and men of REME are forced to remain up to the associated challenges mainly through training as well as ensuring that they remain updated with modern engineering.

[...] Fig below shows the REME logo, which depicts the association motto among its members. Fig.2: REME Logo With respect to the different types of Complex problems, the tables below show the different problems facing the REME transitions Activity Identifying complex problems in your organisation The British Army is one of the bodies that must set a high level of professionalism and ensure that it monitors all the operations and methods used by other bodies and departments that are within their mandate. [...]

[...] Available from: [Accessed 6th May 2013]. MAA.MoD (2014) About the Military Aviation Authority (MAA). [online]. Available from: [Accessed 24th January 2014] MAA.MoD (2014a) MAA Regulatory Article 1210: Management of Operating Risk (Risk to Life) AIL1. London: Military Aviation Authority. [online]. Available from: [Accessed 6th February 2014]. Mackinnon, L. A. K. (2007) Guru Review: Edward De Bono. [online]. Available from: bono/ [Accessed 24th January 2014]. Manualthinking (2014) Idea generation: ?Osborn's Checklist' template. [online]. [...]

[...] As the managers, they do not lead by example. The misuse of power could be the key aspect provoking them to defile the core standards and ethics that should be guiding each REME member on how to lead a good life. Managers, supervisors, as well as the workforce of engineers would sometimes knowingly break these code of conduct, core standards, and ethics with a view of achieving personal and selfish goals. It happens that most of these actions are not ethical and are threat to the moral principles of the REME. [...]

[...] London, Sage. [online]. Available from: [Accessed 19th March 2013]. Michalko, M. (2006). Thinkertoys. 2nd edition. Berkley, CA: Ten Speed Press. MOD (2012) Risk Management. Joint Service Publication 892. London: MOD. Moore, M. (2008) Patrolling the Borders of Consequentialist Justifications: The Scope of Agent-Relative Obligations. Law and Philosophy, 35?96. Morgan, G. [...]

[...] The REME as an organization has been open to changes either from internal or external influence that may shape the organization structure and change its core functionalism. This may however be transformed into a complex problem due to the current review of the organization by the SDSR. Nevertheless, changes such as the aforementioned technological change are the effect of changes in both the internal and external environments making the organization adaptable and open to new methods and ways of conducting their role in the society. [...]

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