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Athletic management: Athletic Director interview

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The town of St. George, Maine.
  3. The economy of St. George.
  4. The job of an Athletic Director.
  5. Taking charge and making difficult decisions.
  6. Conclusion.

The job of a Parks and Recreation Director for a specific community has many different aspects, the most important being incredibly versatile and able to handle many distinctive tasks. This position performs a variety of tasks that include, but are not limited to, general recreation programming, planning work according to program schedules, establishing work priorities to athletic schedules, developing recreational, social, cultural and service related programs as well as including budget and personnel needs

[...] Within the organizational chart of town government, the Parks and Recreation Director position can be broken down as ?Department Head, Serves as support staff for the Recreation Community, Works with the Conservation Community on parks & recreation issues, Is supported in duties by Clerk/Secretary ( 20Levels.pdf)?. A typical day for an administrative figure working with athletics can often have many different tasks, especially if that person works within a school or community where they are seen as a public figure. [...]

[...] He also expressed the fact that scheduling is hardly ever completed on the first try, and it typically takes three to four drafts (Little League baseball games have taken up to ten tries) to get right. The schedules are first proposed, then sent to other Athletic Directors to then review and amend as needed. Not only does the job of an Athletic Director require being capable of creating schedules, but it requires many other skills as well. When asked what were the most essential, Mr. [...]

[...] However, both are funded by the taxpayer's money and must be passed by the community before taking effect for the next year. In many cases throughout the athletic seasons, Athletic Directors may have issues with players, coaches, or parents on a number of issues. Even up to the high school varsity level, there might be problems with playing time or coaching philosophies that an Athletic Director is forced to deal with. When asked about issues such as these, and how he deals with them, Mr. [...]

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