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Boeing corporation case

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  1. Presentation and SWOT analysis of Boeing
    1. Presentation of Boeing
    2. SWOT analysis and explanations of the weaknesses of Boeing
  2. Solutions to change Boeing's current position

Travelling has become very easy and cheap in the last few years. You just have to book your flight early in order to be able to travel all over Europe for less than 60 Euros. For example, if you want to go in Spain, you can visit the website of Ryanair, choose your flight and book it. Generally, the round trip costs less than 60 Euros. This is an incredible phenomenon!!! The Global civil aerospace industry is a war between two actors: Boeing and Airbus, the American and the European company. After the record of producing the biggest plane of the world, the Airbus 380,which has a capacity of 555 passengers (853 maximum), Boeing tried to achieve the record of the longest nonstop flight- 11000 miles in 23 hours. The Global civil aerospace industry is an oligopolistic market with two competitors and very few potential customers, contrary to other markets like the automobile market which includes a lot of brands car like Ford, Renault, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes. These brands have a lot of potential customers. When an airline company like American Airlines orders planes to increase its fleet, it involves an investment of billions. This explains why the global civil aerospace industry is so careful.

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