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Brand management of Innocent Drinks

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Innocent's strategy.
  3. Implementing the marketing mix.
  4. References.
  5. Biography.
  6. Appendix.

?Involving ?yes' and ?no' bins at a festival? (Growing business: 2007) (1) It's the way that Richard Reed, Adam Balon, Jon Wright started their business in 1998 just after their course in Cambridge University got over. Innocent was designed to be a 100% natural brand, according to founders, the aim of Innocent' founders is ?to leave things a little bit better than we find them? ( 2007). This shows that Innocent is not just a profit business. Its founders wanted to be proud of their business plan (Great Brand Stories Innocent: 2006). Now Innocent Smoothie generates a turnover of 100£ million (Case study) which gives Innocent a market share of around 72% ( 2007). The Innocent success is thanks not only to the product but also to founders and the way they manage the business with a completely new style of management. The brand is beginning to become a global brand, with product introduction in new countries like France, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Tags: Branding innocent drink, Managing the brand, Brand strategy of innocent drinks, Marketing strategy of innocent drinks

[...] (Count: 2744) References [Online] Growing Business MMVII, Richard Reed Innocent Drinks Available at: innocent-drinks.html Published: 13/02/2007 Seen: 03/11/2007 [Online] Innocent Drinks Official Website, December 2007 Available at: John Simmons, Great Brand Stories Innocent, Cyan, Published in 2006, page 26 Assignment Case study [Online] Innocent Drinks Official Website, December 2007 Available at: The chartered Institute of Marketing, Brand Strategy, page Arnold 1992 Available at: Matt Haig, Brand Failures, Public, Published in 2003, page 248 Kevin Lane Keller, Alice Tybout, The principle of positioning, Market Leader, Issue 19, Winter 2002, page 65 Vytautas Janonis, Aiste Dovaliene, Regina Virvilaite, Extract from ISSN 1392-2785 Engineering Economics 2007 No.1 Relationship of brand Identity and Image. [...]

[...] We can imagine if one day the quality may be wrong, or drinks become unhealthy (because of storage or building), the innocent image could be damaged a lot. It's the main risk of a strategy that not includes any distance between image and word definition. The five main values of Innocent are constantly shown in all publications from Innocent. We can see Innocent as a green company because of their goals to make people healthier. By looking at their website weeks ago they launched a charity campaign called ?HATOMETER? which is ?keeping older people warm this winter? ( [...]

[...] It could explain why people still buy Innocent with a premium price, but every Innocent products are sold with a premium price, in the beginning it was consider as an added value (because they were the only one seller, and the high price was associated to the quality) but now with lot of competitors this price could affect the marketing mix. When we still compare the innocent pricing to the coca-cola one, we can argue a lot about means that give it make success of its strategy. [...]

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