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British Petroleum Case

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  1. What was BP's overall strategy with respect to organizational processes since Horton's appointment as CEO and through Simon's term? Did this strategy focus on people management and, if yes, in what ways? Was it successful or unsuccessful? How ?
    1. Situation of BP on arrival of Robert Horton
    2. Robert Horton and BP strategy
    3. David Simon and BP strategy
    4. Are the strategies of the two CEO they focused one people management?
  2. Describe first Horton's and then Simon's leadership styles. Identify the differences, if any, between them. How do you perceive these two leaders and, in view of class readings and discussions, how appropriate or inappropriate in your opinion their actions might have been?
    1. Horton Leadership style
    2. Simon Leadership style
    3. Leaders perceptions and actions returns
  3. Do you believe Horton's and Simon's leadership styles to be determined by personality or do you see them as acquired or both? Bearing in mind class discussions and readings, justify your answer
  4. What similarities and/or differences can you detect between the leadership styles of Emma, Jobs, Horton and Simon? When analyzing your personal leadership style, who would you more easily identify with and why?

BP is one of the principal leaders of the European and the International oil market since the beginning of the year 1990. However, the group Britannic knows, a descent in its activity recently, and seeks to give again a new dash in its activity. We will examine in stages, the progression that took place between 1992 and 1997, of the arrival of Robert Horton as the CEO, to his replacement, and then, upto David Simon's leave of the same job.

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