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Causes of employee and customer dissatisfaction

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  1. Employee dissatisfaction in the HR department of the public sector is a matter of if employees within the HR department are happy with their jobs
  2. There are several reasons as to why employees might be unsatisfied in the HR department
  3. HR employee dissatisfaction has effects on different areas of the organization stating with the organization itself
  4. Internal customer dissatisfaction means that internal customers are not happy with their jobs or their effort to assist the organization conduct its business
  5. The reasons of internal customers' dissatisfaction in an organization include the following
  6. The effects of internal customers' dissatisfaction include the following
  7. Customer dissatisfaction- external customer dissatisfaction is a situation when customers are not happy with the way they have been entertained by the organization
  8. There are plenty of reasons as to why a customer could end up dissatisfied
  9. The effects of external customers' dissatisfaction

Employee dissatisfaction in the HR department of the public sector is a matter of if employees within the HR department are happy with their jobs. It is through employee satisfaction survey that employee satisfaction can be measured. Such survey address such topics as workload, compensation, management perception, resources, team, and flexibility among others. The significance of such survey within the government sector is done with the essence of keeping employees within the HR sector happy as well as retaining them.

[...] If one is not calm and confident while interacting with a customer then they may be dissatisfied. Lack of response or lack of information- customers are annoyed when their mails or phone calls are not responded to hence get dissatisfied. They need their messages to be responded to or even to be called back and assured that they are being catered for or will be called back soon. If clients are not informed on what is happening, hey ay get dissatisfied waiting to be served (Thompson, 2011). [...]

[...] Top management- losing customers is perceived to be as a result of poor management hence the management might be changed. References Hitesh, B. (2015). Internal Customers : Achieving Customer Satisfaction. Retrieved from customers/ MBA Lectures. (2011). Cause of Job Dissatisfactio. Retrieved from mba- management/1188/causes-of-job-dissatisfaction.html Rose, J. (2015). Key Reasons for Job Dissatisfaction and Poor Employee Performance. Retrieved from employee-performance-25846.html Susan, M. [...]

[...] Customers hate disappointments. It is better good communication if delivery may be late The effects of external customers' dissatisfaction: Organization- customer dissatisfaction is an indicator for how likely a customer will not seek services in the future within the organization. Through customer dissatisfaction, the organization will lose existing customers as well as new customers whom could have come for services in the future resulting from recommendations by existing customers. Customer dissatisfaction is a great expense to the organization in the sense that the organization will have to spend more on advertisement so as to get other customers. [...]

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