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Changes in corporate identity: Importance of ‘image makeover’ to organizations

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  1. Introduction
  2. Managing corporate identity
  3. Environmental complexity
  4. Conclusion

From the basic wholesaler on the corner of your street to the strong multinational chocolate factory Ferrero, every organization has its own identity. According to Van Riel and Balmer (1997), identity presents the company's competitive advantage by putting forward its individuality regarding its values, aims and ethics. In a world of political, economical and legal instability and where social, technological and environmental changes occur, identity changes seem necessary to adapt to these aspects. Yet the major factor affecting corporate adjustment is social in nature. The attitudes, values and expectations of external actors (customers, investors, suppliers or distributors) change incessantly and corporations must acknowledge their vital role. Sustainability and profitability are two issues subsequent to environmental changes which particularly motivate companies to revise their corporate identity.

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