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Changes in operations management and implications

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  1. The background of Operations Management
    1. Manufacturing as a beginning?
    2. The Industrial Revolution and the golden age of manufacturing
    3. The second part of the XXth Century.
  2. The actual changes of Operations Management
    1. Security of workplace
    2. Product quality control
    3. Technological progresses
    4. Globalization and outsourcing
  3. Conclusion

Most Economic books define manufacturing as the past of Operations management. O.C Ferrell, professor at the Colorado Sate University explains it as the fact that operations management was first only concerned about the production of physical goods. He also defines manufacturing as "the activities and processes used in making tangible product, also called production." According to that definition, it is difficult to date the real origins of manufacturing. We could come back to the primary workshops that made items in a relatively significant number in the aim to exchange or sell them. The role of the people in charge of production has continuously improved while human evolved. In the roman army for example, some people had to oversee the making of weapons and had to face problems with raw materials or with people employed for that task. However, these roles in the production of goods took a greater relevance with the Industrial Revolution.

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