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Commercial strategies and management policies of Lagardère

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Human Resources Management.
    1. Introduction.
    2. Temporary employment.
    3. Recruitment.
    4. Gender diversity.
    5. Code of ethics.
    6. Training and education.
    7. Internal mobility.
    8. Profit-sharing.
    9. Stock options.
    10. Conclusion.
  3. Financial management.
    1. The liquidity ratio.
    2. The solvency ratio.
    3. The profitability ratio.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility.
    1. Implementation of the CSR's Lagardere.
    2. Methodology, organisation and actors of the CSR's Lagardere.
    3. Concrete actions set up by Lagardere in term of CSR.
  5. Corporate strategy and forecast.
    1. A strategy based on solid assets.
    2. A clearer structure.
    3. A new organisational strategy focused on content production.
    4. Outlook strategy for 2008.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Annexes.
  8. Summary of Annexes.

Lagardère SCA is a French media and high-technology company. The Company, headquartered in Paris, operates through two business segments: Lagardère Media, which constitutes the core of its activities, and the high-technology division, EADS, in which it holds a 14.98% share. Lagardère Media is a provider of news as well as cultural and communication products in France and abroad. Its main activities comprise book publishing, distribution, and audiovisual production and distribution. EADS is a global supplier of aeronautics and defense aircraft's. It operates through its five divisions: Airbus, Military Transport Aircraft, Defense and Security Systems, Eurocopter and Space. This report is a summary of the commercial strategy and managerial policies of Lagardère group, created with the help of press articles. Four points will be examined: Human resources management, the Financial management, CSR and the corporate strategy and forecast. The main characteristic in the way Lagardère manages their human resources, is decentralization. More specific they emphasize entrepreneurial freedom and the delegation of responsibilities. The group offers a variety of jobs so that means they have to respect the specific characteristics of each and accept a diverse range of approaches, especially when it comes to talent-management. On the other hand all their practices are based on the same three values: creativity, boldness and independence.

[...] Lagardere Active Media, which constitutes the core of the activities of Lagardere SCA, is the world's biggest magazine publisher and the largest foreign radio group in Russia. It owns titles such as Elle and Paris Match, Sunday paper Le Journal du Dimanche as well as mobile ring tones and text-messaging businesses, the mainstream Europe 1 radio in France and popular Yevropa Plus radio stations in Russia. Over the past year, the unit has merged its magazine, Internet and radio activities and closed down unprofitable publications to boost margins and rekindle growth. [...]

[...] The enterprise strives to promote internal mobility which favours the spread and assimilation of Lagardère's core values such as respect for other people, team spirit, loyalty and independence. However, the specific nature of the different divisions, their business activity and dispersed geographic location do not facilitate internal mobility. On the other hand it must be said that the Lagardère Group advertises numerous job offers on the Group's Intranet, providing employees with many possibilities for internal mobility. In 2005, the rate of internal mobility at Lagardère Media was worldwide and 16% for France alone. [...]

[...] Women are also present at management level and in highly skilled positions: 50% of employees in the executive category are women, both in France and outside France. Overall, the Group employs slightly more women than men. The company claims to have analyzed their strengths and weaknesses in the area of diversity, using it as the basis for shaping their Human Resources policies. The group is also involved in CSR- initiatives and responding to the problems of diversity is a perfect example of this approach. [...]

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