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Communication and attitudes

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  1. The problem
  2. The Question?
  3. Our attitude
  4. Ideal qualities in communications and attitudes
  5. Importance of focus
  6. Importance of listening
  7. Active listening
  8. Role of speaking
  9. Speaking behaviors

Make the person to whom you are listening your focus. Stop everything else that you are doing. If you are listening to a group, take your mobile phone out and turn it off. Listen carefully to the words but don't be deaf to the emotion behind them. Strong words can be hiding weak feelings or vice versa. If it's appropriate to state your own views ( and it may not be) then do this only after you have listened to what is being said.

[...] The Best Empathy The ability to understand the mood of others Discipline The ability to work systematically and consistently Command The ability to control a situation through communication Responsibility The ability to own a problem until it is solved The Best Leadership: Directing and Moving your people into a common goal Effectiveness: Doing the right thing. Efficiency: Doing the thing right. Efficacy: Doing the right thing right. Red Yellow Blue Green Yellow Red Green Blue Green Red Blue Yellow Yellow Green Red Blue Yellow Blue Red Green Yellow Green Red Blue Red Green Blue Green Green Yellow Communication Model Listening Behaviors Focus: when you are practicing focus, imagine that your lips are zipped. [...]

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