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Communication channels in tourism

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  1. The various communication channels: destination image, e-marketing for tourism destination and 'the power of word-of-mouth'
    1. Imaging and branding the destination
    2. E-marketing for tourism destination
    3. The power of Word-of-Mouth
  2. The impact of such communication channels: my Wolf Blass Experience
    1. The trip communication process
    2. The trip expectations

Tourism is becoming very important for promoting a region. It is easy to notice that many "regions? are promoted through diverse tourism bodies (State tourism commission, regional tourism organization or association from this region). For example, South Australia's website (Government of South Australia 2005) clearly indicates the different regions in South Australia (Barossa, Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula) and Barossa's website (South Australia Tourism Commission 2008) is directly promoting its region. The World Tourism Organization argued that tourism will evolve as a fashion (Morgan, Pride & Pritchard, 2002 p. 4). According to a recent CNN research, US$538 million has been spent on ?destination marketing' in United States of America, in 1999 (Morgan, Pride & Pritchard, 2002 p. 13). Later, destination marketing and destination branding will be the fashionable accessories of the tourism organizations (Morgan, Pride & Pritchard, 2002 p. 4). It will allow tourists to avoid the mass tourism that goes to the most popular areas and it will give an opportunity to the tourists for defining themselves and differentiating themselves from the others (Morgan, Pride & Pritchard, 2002 p. 4).

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